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Our Water WorxX Family

This is the Water WorxX Team!

It is our ambition to make your diving holiday in Bali a safe and unforgettable experience. Our main focus is to care for every diver individually, taking into consideration their experience levels and abilities.

Meet our three experienced Divemasters Wayan, Nyoman and Komang. In addition, our support staff of seven is responsible for hassle free days and nights at the Dive Center. David Ruland, Peter Koch and Claudia Koch will assist you as PADI & SSI Instructors during beginner courses and continuing education. They are always prepared to answer your questions and give you a helping hand.

Last but not least: Our Dr. Nisa, David’s wife who will take care of your medical needs. She will happily answer all medical questions and will try her best to find the right remedy in case you fall ill during your holiday. She will have you up and running again in no time.

Our Divemasters

Wayan, Nyoman and Komang share a passion: Diving! Even though the number of dives for these three individuals is countless, they still come back after every dive excited about the experience and species they have encountered. They all grew up in this part of Bali with a special connection to the ocean. They know every dive site like the back of their hands. They are also able to read ocean conditions like direction and intensity of currents and even predict where the Molas might hang out! They have the eyes for tiny macro stuff but at the same time can spot big pelagic species in the far distance coming out of the Abyss. Any dive with one of them is something special. Your safety is their priority!

Our Base - Crew

Without our 7 office crew our shop would come to a standstill:-) From morning till evening, the boys and the "golden Girl" Putu guarantee a hassle free diving holiday: Rinsing equipment, filling tanks, making coffee or just simply being there to give you a helping hand. Here we go... Putu, Putu, Gde, Anom, Made, Ketut, Nyoman!

Our Instructor

David Ruland - SSI & PADI Instructor

David is affectionately known in Padang Bai as the father of all Divemasters. He is the founder of Water WorxX and has lived in Bali since the mid nineties. David is married to 'Ibu Dr. Nisa - who sneaked into the picture :-)